Space Gray Vs Silver MacBook (Comparison)

Space Gray Vs Silver MacBook

Both space gray vs silver Macbook colors look very similar, so which one should you choose? There is also more to consider than just color, there are specs and features to choose from as well.

In this article I will answer this question in a detailed comparison so you know what to choose.

Silver vs Space Gray Appearance

The silver colorway on the Macbook is a lot brighter than that of the space grey which has a more natural transition in color from the keyboard to the chassis. Which one do you think looks better?

The silver color is an iconic colorway from Apple and has been used on their earliest devices. When you go with this color you are showing that you have an Apple product.

Both colors are made from recycled aluminum making for a smooth and high quality chassis.

Space grey

The space grey option might be removed from Apple soon, which means it’s a great choice to get now if you are thinking of getting it.

The staple colorway for Apple is silver and most people choose this option, so if you want to break away from societal norms, you could opt for the space grey color.

Someone actually ran a benchmark test with two Macbooks of either color and the same components. Suprisingly the results showed that the silver model actually outperformed the space grey model even after running the benchmark four times.

Personally I like the look of the space grey because it’s a lot easier on the eyes and has a matching keyboard. The trackpad also blends in really nicely too.

One bad thing about the space grey model is that it shows scratches more easily than on the silver version because it’s darker. However, it will also hide darker scuffs and marks easier.

The darker model also reflects less light than the brighter one, meaning it won’t be so distracting when you are using it in a bright environment or outside.


If your living space or work space is a lighter environment, the silver color will look a lot better because it won’t be such a stark contrast.

However, the space grey being a lot darker than the silver model will stand out like a sore thumb in a lighter environment.

The Apple store is a bright environment with a lot of lights and white flooring, meaning the silver color does look better to a lot of people when looking at it in the store. However, the keyboard on the silver model looks outdated and like it shouldn’t be there because it’s black.

The silver colorway also has a more reflective apple logo on the back of the chassis. A Lot of people also think that the silver colorway looks better when the laptop is closed and the space grey version looks better with the laptop open.

Some other silver colored laptops from Razer and Alienware have a white keyboard which matches a lot better. Although this is a bad thing for the silver Macbook, you still get a bonus in the form of contrast between the keys which gives you an easier time typing.

Which Is More Popular?

Some people say the silver version is more popular but actually a lot of people now are saying the space grey version has gained popularity because of the matching keyboard, and overall great looking modern color.

The silver color is a bit outdated now and was used decades ago with the first ipads and iphones. It seems that now people are going with the more newer and modern color which is a darker grey.

If you want some nostalgia and iconic Apple aesthetic then go for the silver. People also say that the silver one hides scuffs and scratches because it is not painted over with.

The space grey one is painted over natural aluminum, so scratches could show the underlying silver. It’s also harder to see the Apple logo on the back of the grey model which is another point you should consider.

Silver vs Space Gray Specifications

It’s not only about color when choosing between these two options, it’s also about display size and preferences. Do you want a 14 inch or a 16 inch Macbook? There are different options for each color choice.

Display sizes are different depending on which color you get even though they both have the same liquid retina xdr display and max system on chip.

Since the Macbook can be quite expensive with upgrades, you should really think about what color you are going to get especially if you use it everyday. You don’t want to have the feeling of regret everyday you see your Macbook color.


Go for silver if you want the iconic Apple color and a stark keyboard contrast of black. Go for the space grey if you want a more modern look that blends nicely and to break away from societal norms.

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