How To Find & Turn Off Scroll Lock In DELL Laptop

Scroll Lock In DELL Laptop

There isn’t always a scroll lock in Dell laptop keyboards which can be a problem. So if you want an alternative way to turn on or off your scroll lock key, then keep reading this article.

Here is the quickest way to turn off scroll lock in DELL laptops:

To enable or disable scroll lock on excel simply press: “Function key” + “S” to toggle the scroll lock on and off in excel.

How to turn off accidental scroll lock in excel

If you are using excel with keyboard shortcuts, you might eventually hit the scroll lock key combination by accident and activate it in the background.

Since you don’t have a scroll lock key on your Dell laptop keyboard, what do you do?

Well you have to either use a virtual keyboard, external keyboard or the Function + S key combination.

Opening the virtual keyboard can take some time and can be really annoying if you have to do it every single time you use excel. So that is why I have made some quick ways you can open the on screen keyboard too.

Where is the scroll lock in DELL laptops?

If you can’t find the scroll lock button on your laptop keyboard, then you can open a virtual keyboard instead. You can do this like so:

  • Open the windows start menu and type in “on screen keyboard.”
  • Open the application and look for a key called “ScrlLk” on the right hand side.
  • Click on the key to enable or disable scroll lock.

Alternatively you can do this method to find the on screen keyboard instead:

  • Open Windows start menu and click on the settings cog
  • Click on accessibility then click on keyboard
  • Enable the toggle for use on screen keyboard.
  • Then look for the “ScrLk” key on the right hand side and click it to enable or disable the scroll lock on your laptop.

Another way to enable the scroll lock is to do the following, this is good incase you can’t find it in the settings for some reason.

  • Press Windows key + R to bring up the run menu or open the start menu and type run.
  • In the run menu and type in osk, then press enter. This will open the virtual keyboard.
  • Now look for a key called “ScrLk” which will be in the bottom right corner of the virtual keyboard. Click the key with your mouse to activate or deactivate the button.
  • You will know if the button is activated by the color. If the button is white then it’s activated already and if it’s grey then it’s deactivated.

If you have an external keyboard laying around on your desk, see if it has a scroll lock key.

It should be called “ScrLk” and will be located above the arrow keys somewhere or hidden in the function key row.

See if you can plug in this external keyboard and turn off the scroll lock on your laptop.

Often times keyboard with the Function keys have the scroll lock key as the F14 key or beside the print screen and pause break keys. You can also try and press the “FN” and “num lock” keys at the same time.

What Does Scroll Lock Do?

The scroll lock button is found on Windows keyboards, however it is quite rare to find sometimes.

It toggles between scrolling and non scrolling mode. If you have scroll lock enabled then the arrow keys will scroll the screen regardless of where your cursor is located.

When enabling the scroll lock on a worksheet program like excel, it will let you scroll through the entire worksheet with your arrow keys instead of switching which cell is currently selected.

Scroll lock is a good way to scroll through entire pages with the arrow keys regardless of where your cursor is.

One of the most common problems with using excel is when people activate the scroll lock key by accident. This can happen if you press the function + S keys together and you can disable it the same way that you enable it.

Then they have the scroll lock enabled and no way to turn it off. Some people enjoy using the scroll lock key because it lets you do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do in excel.

Normally you have to scroll through lines of text one by one using the arrow keys. This is what scroll lock off does.

But if you use scroll lock on you are able to navigate through pages of text or data by simply using the same arrow keys.

You can even use the scroll lock key in combination with other keys like the ctrl key to activate the BSOD or blue screen of death and see memory dump file logs.

Scroll Lock Shortcut Keys

First of all you should look for alternative keys on your keyboard which could be the scroll lock key. These are often labelled: Scroll lock, ScrLk, ScLk or Slk for short. If you do not have these keys then you can use a two key combination to activate it.

  • FN + S keys
  • FN + 6 keys
  • FN + F6 key
  • Scroll lock, ScrLk, ScLk or Slk keys
  • FN + Pause break

The Dell inspiron laptop series will allow you to enable the scroll lock by using the FN + F6 keys together. You can also use the FN + pause break keys.

You can check if your scroll lock key is enabled in excel by looking at the bottom status bar.

Right click on the status bar and see if you can click on scroll lock. It will show you if there is a checkmark beside it or not which indicates whether or not it’s turned on.

How To Fix Scroll Lock On Dell Laptop

If your scroll lock is broken or stuck, you should restart your Dell laptop and see if that resolves the issue.

You can also try to replace the keyboard you are using, use an external one or an onscreen one as well.

Why Does My Scroll Lock Keep Turning On?

Maybe you have some debris or dust underneath the keys that are activating your scroll lock key by accident.

Or perhaps the key mechanism under the scroll lock is broken and stuck down. This would activate the key when you don’t press it yourself.

Another possible reason could be that you have spilled water or other liquids into your Dell laptop keyboard which causes a short circuit.

I have spilled water so many times on different keyboards and if you don’t dry them properly then the keypresses that you make will be all over the place. For example I would press the W key and it would type many different other keys instead of W.

This can be a reason that your scroll lock key is being activated because another key could be activating it via a short circuit. You could also be manually activating it via the Function key + S combination when you are using excel.

If you have deactivated the scroll lock key many times then you should take your laptop in for repair and see if your manufacturer can take a look at the keyboard.


Not all Dell laptop keyboards have a scroll lock key and this can be annoying if it becomes activated in the background of windows when you are using excel. Luckily there are some ways you can mitigate this by following the guide in this article.

I hope that you know have figured out how to disable or enable the scroll lock key that you don’t have on your keyboard.

Let me know in the comments how you went with these fixes and if they solved your problem or not. Also read my article on connecting AirPods to a Dell laptop.

You can also find guides for turning off the scroll lock on other laptop brands below.

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