How To Use Roku on Laptop (SOLVED)

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Are you wondering how to use Roku on laptops? A lot of people have been asking how to do this so I will address this question in this article.

You can only view Roku on your laptop via the windows Roku app or by using a HDMI cable connected to your Roku device and then changing the laptop monitor source to that HDMI connection.

setting up Roku on a Laptop

You cannot hook up roku onto your laptop unless you have an input port that will allow HDMI or a video output that roku provides.

To do this you need to connect the HDMI cable to your roku device and switch modes on your laptop to show the HDMI source. The connection will be called Roku Stick. Quality may be worse when doing this method.

However, you can use Plex which is a media server that will allow you to use your laptop as a content hub to stream onto your roku TV.

You can watch roku in your laptop browser on the roku channel.

You can also download the roku app for windows which allows you to control your roku player. You can search for shows or movies and play any channel using the app. This app performs all functions of a remote.

Roku App

The roku app has a lot of bad reviews but is the only way that you can control roku via your laptop. The app lets you browse, rate and add preferred channels to your collection.

You just need to login to your account with the app and connect your windows to the same network which your roku device is connected. Then you can use the app.

You may have to go to your windows notification center in the bottom right of your screen and connect to your roku device that way.

If you have not created an account then go to and click on sign in then create account. Fill in your contact information and enter a pin with your billing information.

How to Cast Roku to a TV

You can use your roku to stream content from your laptop to a TV. You will need to download a free program called plex.

Step 1: Create and install the application and then add media to your library.

Step 2: Go to your roku device and install the plex app and open it up.

Step 3: Select the library you just created and select what content you want to watch.

You can also use Airplay on your Apple iPad or Iphone to watch the roku channel on your Apple TV. You will need to open the stream on your macbook, iPad or iPhone then use AirPlay to stream it to your roku TV.

Casting via Plex is very popular because it’s very easy to do. You can also use the casting icon which is shown in youtube players or on netflix once you are connected to your TV and this will connect wirelessly.

This method is different to mirroring because it will not show the entire screen of the device you are mirroring. It will just show the video playback section of it in fullscreen resolution.

You can use the streaming stick on any device which has a HDMI output but the software will not work on the laptop itself. You can only use your monitor which has a HDMI port such as regular PC monitors and you need to make sure that there are speakers on that monitor as well.

How To Mirror laptop with roku

There is a way that you can screenshare or mirror your laptop to your roku device.

Grab your roku stick and do the following steps to get a mirror of your laptop on your roku TV.

Step 1: Go to roku home and then go to the settings menu.

Step 2: Scroll down until you get to system.

Step 3: Then scroll down until you get to screen mirroring.

Step 4: Select screen mirroring mode and then select Always allow.

Step 5: Go to your laptop and open the Windows notification center which is on the bottom right of your laptop.

Step 6: click on the connect tab and then click on your roku device.

Once the mirroring is connected you will see a box on the top of your laptop and your TV will show a progress bar while it is going through the mirroring process.

If you want to stop mirroring then simply press disconnect on your laptop.

You can also mirror other devices like android devices. Mirroring will show whatever is on that device onto your TV. This is a good way to watch family videos that you have recorded.

You can also use this to watch channels that might not be on Roku such as twitch. Most generations allow mirroring such as the express model 3900 and the express + model 3910.

Some models only allow mirroring via HDMI output and not composite or A/V output.


Roku is primarily a TV streaming service and cannot be used on a laptop. However, there are ways that you can hook up your laptop to a Roku device and stream content from the laptop which serves as a media hub.

The Windows app is not very well recommended by a lot of reviewers and has some problems with it. Also having a HDMI connection set up from your laptop to your TV can be hard to do as most laptops don’t have HDMI ports.

This means you might have to buy a bunch of cable converters to get this functionality.

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