Can You Bring A Laptop In Checked Luggage?

Can You Bring A Laptop In Checked Luggage


Are you wondering if you can bring a laptop in checked luggage? In this article I will explain the rules and if you should bring your laptop with you in carry on or not.

Yes, most airlines will allow you to bring a laptop in checked luggage, although extra laptop batteries are not allowed. The laptop must be shut and turned off.

Are You Allowed to Put Laptops in Checked Baggage?

Yes, you are allowed to place laptops in checked baggage.

However you must:

  • Switch the laptop off and close the case to prevent overheating and fires.
  • Keep the battery within the laptop and do not bring a spare.
  • Keep the laptop in a padded case to prevent damages

If you choose to bring your laptop in carry on then you must remove it from your carry on bag and place it in a separate tray during customs. The laptop must pass through the X ray scanner by itself.

Any other devices with lithium batteries must follow the same procedure.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Packing Your Laptop in Checked Luggage

Although, you are allowed to put laptops in checked baggage, it is not a good idea.

If you place your laptop in your checked in suitcase then you run the risk of it being damaged or even taken.

There are many stories of people that placed their laptop in their checked luggage only to find out that the laptop had been damaged.

The conveyor belts within the airport that transfer luggage are not always a smooth ride and suitcases can be placed under a lot of pressure from the suitcases of other passengers on an airplane.

So placing your laptop in a suitcase is not safe.

There are some stories of airlines that open and inspect suitcases only to take out the laptop that was in it for one reason or another.

Dangers Of Flying With A Laptop

Your laptop runs the risk of being stolen or damaged if you place it in your suitcase. If you do have your laptop in a suitcase then make sure that you have the right security and locks.

People can hack laptops easily if left vulnerable, although it’s very uncommon because of the amount of security cameras in airports.

A lot of bags however get mishandled and lost during transit and management.

So if you have an expensive Macbook or a lot of work data on your laptop then you should probably take it in your carry on where you can keep an eye on it.

You should backup all of your data to the cloud incase your laptop breaks or gets lost. You can also opt for a physical external hard drive if that is what you prefer.

Google offers a free 15GB of space on Google drive and you can use alternatives like microsoft onedrive and dropbox.

Most of the cloud storage software will cost you a monthly subscription, so check the prices depending on your needs.

Sometimes people are forced to check in their carry on bags because they are too big or there is no more space in the cabin.

If this happens you should be prepared with a hard laptop case that can protect it when your bag gets tossed around before and during the flight.

Where You Should Be Packing Your Laptop Instead

I recommend that you always bring your laptop with you on the flight in a carry on bag and inside a protective case.

Always take it out when you are in the line for customs and place it on a separate tray because that is the rules.

You can buy specific laptop bags that have more room if you have a large 17 inch laptop for example.

Also keep in mind how much laptops weigh because you are limited to a certain amount of weight in your carry on and laptops can weigh a lot. I have a full laptop weight chart with all the brands here.

Security might ask you to turn on your laptop to prove that it isn’t defective.


You are allowed to take your laptop with you in checked luggage but it’s not a good idea.

You run the risk of it getting stolen or damaged. It’s much better to place it in your bag and take it with you on the plane in carry on.

Just remember to place it on a separate tray in customs because that is the rules for all lithium battery devices.

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