Is MacBook Good For Video Editing?

Is MacBook Good For Video Editing

Are you wondering is MacBook good for video editing? The Macbook is very popular for video editing, but you need to know exactly what model and specs to get. In this article I will go over the best Macbook setup and build for video editing.

Short answer:

The 14 inch MacBook pro with the base M1 Pro chip, 16GB of ram and 1TB storage is the best video editing MacBook in terms of value for your money. If you want the best performance based laptop then get the MacBook Pro 16 with the M1 Max, 32GB ram and 1TB storage.

Is MacBook Good For Video Editing?

Yes, the MacBook is good for video editing as it supports hardware codecs that speed up and improve the performance of your video editing and rendering significantly.

The MBP Air M1 has this support, but as you upgrade to the M1 chip and the M1 Max chip, you get even more codec support and performance boost.

If you want to stay on a budget, then go for the MBA with an M1 chip.

If you want more value for your money then go for the MBP 14 with the M1 pro chip.

If you want to get the absolute best performance possible in a laptop then go for the MBP 16 and upgrade to the M1 max chip.

Getting the M1 max chip will mean you have the most performance out of any chip Apple offers. This chip will really outperform most of Intel and AMDs CPUs. Video editing in 4k will be a breeze on this chip.

People have said that Adobe premier pro is not as smooth for video editing as cut pro x on the Macbook air model.

Which MacBook Is Best For Video Editing?

There are many different MacBook versions, so which one is best for video editing? Actually the answer is a few. Here are some good options for video editing at different price points.

MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro

This build is roughly $2000, it has an M1 Pro chip which will really speed up your performance when rendering and editing videos.

It comes with 16GB of ram and 512GB of SSD storage. The storage is a bit low for a video editing laptop, so you might need an external HDD. Most video editors use an external HDD anyway to store all of their files.

The 1TB option is better for video editing because we all know how much space video files take up.

The 8 core CPU and 14 Core GPU is more than enough for your video editing needs. It will give you all the performance you need. Any upgrades you do to the CPU and GPU may not really give you much of a noticeable increase in performance for video editing.

This laptop is a huge upgrade over the Air M1. If you really need the performance and you are thinking about upgrading the Air a lot, maybe just consider getting the MBP 14 instead.

The MBP 14 also has codec support for ProRes which is one of the most popular codecs at the moment. It also has all the hardware codec support of the Air.

16GB of ram is perfect since Macbooks are significantly optimised and the memory is more efficient. 32GB would be overkill and you would not need it unless you are doing something that specifically requires that amount of ram.

Fast charging is also important for video editors working long hours on the go. I would recommend you spend the extra $20 to get the upgraded power brick which allows you to access fast charging.

MacBook Air M1 16GB

This is the cheapest laptop Apple makes with the M1 chip and if you upgrade the ram it will come out to around $1200. If you are on a budget then you can just go with the 8GB model and you will be fine.

This is your budget option, the MacBook Air by itself may not be good enough for video editing, but with a significant ram upgade it is.

The MacBook Air M1 is great for video editing even if you are editing 4k videos. With the Air M1 model you are getting most of the performance out of your M1 chip already, and doing an upgrade to the 13.3 MacBook pro will only be a small upgrade.

The M1 chip is capable of playing back video much faster than intel or AMD thanks to it’s hardware codec support.

MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max

To get the absolute best MacBook build for video editing you want to go with the MBP 16 with the M1 max chip. Upgrade the system to the 10 core CPU, 24 core GPU for maximum performance.

Editing and rendering is super fast thanks to the M1 max which has twice as many hardware coders and decoders over the M1 pro.

The 16 inch MBP also has less throttling than the 14 inch MBP. Also the screen is the perfect size for video editing as well as it’s not too small.

32GB of ram is required for the M1 max and this amount of memory is a lot of video editing. You don’t need any more than that. I would only recommend going up to 64GB if you use something like blender in conjuction with video editing.

All memory is unified and optimised which is shared between the GPU and CPU. Even if you do need ram for multitasking, high resolution video editing will be fine with 32GB of memory.

Instead of spending $400 on the ram upgrade, get the storage upgrade instead from 512GB up to 1TB. This is far more important for video editors than 32GB of extra obsolete ram.


Macbooks are great for video editing as they host video codec support that increases rendering speed and video editing performance. The Apple silicon chips in the MBA and MBP are very good for video editing.

There are many customization options that you can do to the Pro or Air models such as upgrading storage size or ram capacity that will further make your device faster and better for video editing.

You can choose to either go with the MBA as the budget options with some slight upgrades or the MBP 14 if you want more value for your money. If you have a lot to spend then you can go for maximum performance with the MBP 16 housing the M1 max chip.

Was this article helpful? Let me know in the comments which model you are going to get or if you have any video editing experience with these builds.

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