How To Turn On Keyboard Light On HP Laptop

How To Turn On Keyboard Light On HP Laptop

Want to know how to how to turn on keyboard light on HP Laptop? Well you have come to the right place.

How To Turn On Keyboard Light On HP Laptop

Quick Answer: To turn on the keyboard backlight on a HP laptop, you simply press the F5 key on laptops that have this feature or hold down the FN key and then press the F5 key. Some HP laptops require you to press the F3 key instead.

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How to turn it off

To turn off the backlight keyboard on a HP laptop, simply do the same method by which you turned it on.

Either press the F5 or F3 key or hold down the FN key and press the F5 key again. This will turn off the backlighting on your keyboard.

Does my HP laptop have a backlit keyboard?

To check if you have this feature on your HP laptop, you can look at the function key row for a symbol that looks like a light around a keyboard. This is usually found on the F3, F4 or F5 keys.

  • You can also go to the HP website and search for your laptop model.
  • Go to product information
  • Select product specifications from the drop down
  • From here you can review the product specifications of your specific model and see if your model has keyboard backlighting.

How to change the color

On certain HP laptops like the HP Omen series, you can change the backlighting color and zones on your keyboard.

There are various functions that can animate the lighting on your keyboard or change the color.

The Omen Gaming Hub is available on models such as the OMEN Galaxy, OMEN Volcano, OMEN Jungle, and OMEN Ocean.

If you want to change the color of the LEDs then you will need to navigate through the HP Omen interface and find this option.

  • Go to your start menu and open the Omen Gaming Hub
  • Look for an option named Lighting
  • Click Keyboard and choose an option to display
  • Then designate colors to each region or change the color entirely.
  • Press Apply

Zonal backlighting is available on the Omen Gaming Hub. You can change the colors for different keys on the keyboard. To do this make sure you press the “static” option for color display.

You can choose from 6 different lighting templates or make your own custom one. These are “WASD, FPS, MOBA, MMO, P1-P6 and all keys.”

You can also make the keyboard reactive to music or a video game. There are many effectsd like Color Cycle, Starlight, Breathing, Ghosting, Ripple, Wave, OMEN X, Raindrop, and Audio Pulse.

How to change the brightness

To increase or decrease the brightness of your keyboard backlighting, simply press the F5 key multiple times until it dims to your liking.

Having the brightness all the way down will help with preserving battery life.

Laptops like the HP Omen have software which can control the brightness of the keyboard.


Turning on the keyboard backlight on a HP laptop is pretty simple. Most HP laptops come with this feature and you can easily check by looking at the function key row for a light symbol.

You can also check on HP’s website to see if your laptop comes with backlighting on the keyboard.

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