How To Factory Reset Macbook Without Apple ID Password

Factory Reset Macbook Without Apple ID Password

In this article I will teach you how to factory reset MacBook without Apple ID password.

Here is the quick answer below:

Hold down Ctrl + R and turn on your MacBook, erase your disk via the disk utility option then reinstall the macOS. When prompted to enter an Apple ID simply press set up later.

How To Factory Reset Macbook Without Apple ID Password

Below are the instructions on how to factory reset your MacBook, keep in mind that you may lose all of your files if you do this.

  • Shut down your MacBook
  • Hold down Ctrl + R and turn on the MacBook, keeping holding down the buttons until you see the Apple logo and the loading bar is at halfway.
  • Select your language
  • Click on disk utility and press continue
  • In the new window select the first option where it says internal Macintosh HD. Then click on erase at the top, change the format to APFS and press erase.
  • Close the window and select reinstall macOS (you need wifi to do this and make sure you are connected to the internet by looking at the top right internet icon.)
  • Press continue and click agree, then press install.
  • Setup the MacBook by choosing your country and press continue.
  • Select your wifi and continue through the installation wizard.
  • Select don’t transfer any information now.
  • Select set up later when prompted with sign in with your Apple ID
  • Next is the terms and conditions, select agree.
  • Create a computer account and set a password, you can use a different word instead of your name. Press continue.
  • Choose light or dark mode.

This process takes a lot longer if you just have a HDD, but if you have an SSD instead then it can take a lot faster.

Now to remove your password if you want to sell your mac then go to system preferences and go to user and groups. Then select your mac and click the lock at the bottom left hand side.

Enter your password and click change password. Then leave new password blank.

How To remove old apple ID from Macbook

  • In the menu bar of your Macbook select on account then account settings.
  • Click on manage devices
  • Select the device and press remove

To change the owner on your Macbook you need to change the full name associated with the account. However, you can’t actually change the account’s username.

You can however do a factory reset and change the account name that way by creating a new account.

How to factory reset your MacBook

To completely reset your MacBook you should shut down your device, then turn it back on then press and hold option + command + P + R at the same time.

After 20 seconds release the keys, it will clear any settings from previous users and restores settings which could have been altered.

To force factory reset your MacBook, hold down ctrl + R as you press the power button on your Macbook. Select your language and then press on disk utility.

Choose the disk which you use for startup (usually named macintosh HD and then click erase.

To format your Macbook hold down command + R keys when you restart your mac, and wait for the apple logo to appear.

Choose disk utility and select the drive you are using and press erase. Select format option or APFS.

If you use recovery mode then it can delete everything on your Macbook. It lets you use different tools but will not delete your data unless you choose to do so.

If you want to delete data then use the time machine app. Recovery mode can erase your Apple ID though.

How to remove the previous owner from a macbook

To remove the previous owner from a Macbook do the following:

  • Disable filevault in system preferences. It’s under the security & privacy setting.
  • Click deauthorize on your itunes account and audible account.
  • Go to system preferences, then icloud then deselect back to my mac and find my mac.
  • Make sure to sign out of icloud and choose delete from mac when it appears.

This will remove all the previous owner accounts on a Macbook

How to remove previous owner from Apple id without password

You can remove the previous owner from Apple id without a password by doing the following:

  • Go to icloud and sign in with their Apple id.
  • Click on find my iphone
  • At the top of the screen click on all devices
  • In icloud click on the device you wish to remove and press erase if you need to
  • Then click remove from account.

You can also deactivate your Apple ID by opening a browser and goign to this website.

Then you enter your apple ID, email and password. On the next page you can click continue and under deactivate account press get started.

How To Remove The Activation Locks WIthout Apple ID

To remove the activation locks without an apple ID you can do the following.

During the setup, get the previous owner to enter their Apple ID and old passcode. They will have to remove the device from iCloud as well. You then need to ask apple to remove activation lock from the device and use online services.


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