How To Connect AirPods To a Linux Laptop 2023

Here is how to connect AirPods to a Linux laptop. Sometimes you need to edit some Bluetooth configs and restart the service in order for you to be able to pair your device.

Here is a quick summary of connecting your AirPods to Linux laptops:

Configuring and Pairing AirPods with Linux: Begin by editing the Bluetooth configuration using $ sudo vim /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and setting the controller mode. After restarting the Bluetooth service, ensure it’s active. To pair AirPods, charge them, activate pairing mode by pressing the button on the case, and then connect via the Bluetooth settings on your Linux laptop.

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Step 1: Edit Bluetooth Config

  • Disable the Bluetooth toggle
  • Open your favorite text editor and enter this code
$ sudo vim /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
  • Set the controller mode with either of these commands:
ControllerMode = bredr
ControllerMode = dual
  • Restart the Bluetooth service
$ sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart
  • Check the service state
$ service bluetooth status
  • If it says active (running) then you have successfully setup your Bluetooth service and are now ready to connect your AirPods

Step 2: Pair AirPods

  • Make sure your AirPods are charged enough
  • Place both earphones inside the charging case and open the lid
  • Then hold down the pairing button on the back of the AirPods case (it looks like a circle and you may need to remove any extra case protection to access it)
  • After holding down the pairing button for a few seconds it will activate a white LED light on the front of the case. You have now activated pairing mode.

Step 3: Connect to Laptop

  • Go to your settings in Linux and then Bluetooth
  • Switch the toggle to on, located at the top right.
  • Wait for your AirPods to appear in the list of devices.
  • Click to connect


In conclusion, integrating Apple’s AirPods with a Linux system is a seamless process when you follow the right steps. By adjusting the Bluetooth configuration and ensuring the service is active, users can easily pair and enjoy the high-quality audio experience of AirPods on their Linux laptops. This bridging of ecosystems showcases the versatility of both Linux’s adaptability and AirPods’ universal design.

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