Computer Monitor Size Comparison & Chart

Computer Monitor Size Comparison

Here is a computer monitor size comparison chart to help you choose and compare your next monitor.

16:9 is the standard monitor aspect ratio among computers and laptops. A 24inch display monitor is the standard for computers and a 15inches or less is standard for notebook laptops. Regular laptop sizes can range from 15 to 18 inches or more depending on the size of the machine.

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16:9 Monitor Size Chart

Here is a chart for all of the common 16:9 regular aspect ratio monitors on the market. You can see the diagonal, width, height and area measurements.

The most common sizes of laptops are 15.4, 15.6, 13.3, 16 and 17 inches.

diagonal inchwidth inchheight inchArea
13 inch Monitor1916.569.31154.26 inches²
14 inch Monitor2219.1710.79206.81 inches²
15 inch Monitor2320.0511.28226.04 inches²
16 inch Monitor2420.9211.77246.12 inches²
17 inch Monitor2521.7912.26267.06 inches²
18 inch Monitor2622.6612.75288.85 inches²

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21:9 Monitor Size Chart

Here is a chart for all of the common 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio monitors on the market. You can see the diagonal, width, height and area measurements.

21:9 monitors are great for productivity because you can place three windows next to eachother. One you can use for watching a video, another for a document and another for a messaging platform.

diagonal inchwidth inchheight inchArea
25 inch Monitor2522.989.85226.29 inches²
26 inch Monitor2623.9010.24244.76 inches²
27 inch Monitor2724.8210.64263.95 inches²
28 inch Monitor2825.7411.03283.86 inches²
29 inch Monitor2926.6611.42304.50 inches²
30 inch Monitor3027.5711.82325.86 inches²
31 inch Monitor3128.4912.21347.95 inches²
32 inch Monitor3229.4112.61370.76 inches²
34 inch Monitor3431.2513.39418.55 inches²

I personally have the Xiaomi 34 inch ultrawide monitor and the size is perfect. It covers up so much of your peripheral when you are watching movies or playing games.

Most games and movies can fill up the entire screen even on the 21:9 aspect ratio.

Keep in mind when you get such a wide monitor it’s going to have a really wide stand as well which can cover up your desk quite a bit.

Monitor Aspect Ratios

The most common aspect ratios for computer monitors are 4:3, 16:9 and 21:9.

16:9 displays are the most common among desktops and laptops and feature a 1080p FHD display. A 21:9 display is considered an ultrawide monitor which is perfect for productivity. This monitor can have a 2k QHD or a 4k UHD reslution.

Pixel resolution
QHD2560 x 1440
Computer Monitor Size Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are standard monitor sizes?

Most monitor sizes range from 19 to 34 inches for a computer display. The most common resolution is FHD or 1080p which is a 16:9 aspect ratio and most commonly found on 24 inch monitors.

Which monitor size is best?

The best monitor size depends on what you are using it for. 32 inch ultrawide monitors are great for movies and productivity. 24 inch monitors are better budget monitors and are good for gaming.

How wide is a 27-inch monitor?

A 27inch 16:9 monitor is 23.53 inches or 59.76 cm wide and a 27inch 21:9 monitor is 24.82 inches or 63.04 cm wide.

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