15 Best Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen

Best Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen

Are you looking for the Best Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen but don’t know what to get for your budget?

Well in this article I am going to go over my top picks of the best gaming laptops you can get which have a touchscreen feature.

These laptops have been picked out based on research for the best value for your money.

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Here are some bestselling Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen at the moment before we jump into our top picks.

 Best Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen

  1. CUK ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo
  3. Dell XPS 17 9710
  4. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581
  5. HP Omen X2S
  6. Lenovo Y50-70
  7. MSI Creator 15
  8. Razer Blade Stealth 13
  9. Dell XPS 15
  10. ASUS VivoBook Pro
  11. Dell Gaming Laptop
  12. HP Envy 17t
  13. ASUS ZenBook Flip
  14. Lenovo Flex 5
  15. Lenovo Flex 2-in-1

CUK ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo

The CUK ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is a super-powered touchscreen gaming laptop. It’s kitted with an Intel i9-11900H, 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB.

These specs are more than enough to take on the best AAA games on the highest settings. Not only that but this laptop is touchscreen and it has a second display that can slide ontop of the keyboard and act as a gaming pad.

You can use the gaming pad to watch youtube or use spotify while gaming in fullscreen, that’s amazing. This laptop comes with a 15.6 inch display which is huge for a laptop and rivals that of alienware laptops.

The CUK ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is a beast of a laptop and it also looks amazing with it’s chrome looking finish. It has a 4.5 star rating on amazon at the moment.


The ASUS ROG GV301QE is one of the few fully backed carbon fibre laptops and this one is a gaming laptop with touchscreen! The specs for this build are tremendously good, it has an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS 8-Core, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD and a RTX 3050 Ti.

These specs are really good for AAA games at high settings and good FPS. For a laptop, that’s super powerful. The display is smaller than the previous at 13.4 inches, but the product compensates with the price point being about half of the first laptop on this list.

This laptop only weighs 3 pounds which is quite light and can be moved around with ease. It comes with Windows 10 home pre installed and there is only 1 colorway which is black. But the laptop looks quite good with the carbon fibre backing.

This laptop can also fold into tent mode which means you can use it for entertainment as well as gaming.

Dell XPS 17 9710

Dell makes some good laptops, especially from the XPS line. So this laptop being a touchscreen gaming one is definitely a top notch laptop for this list. The first thing I noticed is that it has Intel Killer wifi which is a funny name.

It’s got some good specs with a Intel Core i7-11800H, 16GB DDR4 RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB GDDR6. The chassis is classic Dell platinum silver and that’s the only colorway option for this model.

You can even upgrade to an RTX 3060, 32GB of RAM and an intel i9 which I would do personally. If you were to do this then it would rival the CUK ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo for value. However, it’s base model is not too bad as well for the price.

This laptop can’t be folded into tent mode but it does make up for it with some pretty good cooling features in the case.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Next on the list is the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581. Asus make some good gaming laptops and the Zenbook pro is no less. Able to be kitted with an Intel Core i7-10870H, RTX 3070 and 16GB of RAM, this laptop is one to consider.

This laptop is like the budget version of the first one on this list. It’s significantly cheaper and that’s because of the spects. Although, it still has that dual display which you can slide on your keyboard and use for other programs.

The system comes with Windows 10 Pro and also ASUS’ annoying software, so keep that in mind if you want to install a fresh Windows version and get some FPS boosts.

Suprisingly you also get a 15month subscription to Microsoft 365 Family which is something you may or may not use on a gaming laptop.

HP Omen X2S

The HP Omen is one of HP’s greatest laptop lines. The X2S comes with an Intel i7-9750H, NVIDIA RTX 2080 with Max-Q 8 GB, 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB SSD. It’s great that you can get these specs with an SSD instead of a HDD.

This is because having an SSD is important for gaming, most games take forever to load so you want an SSD for fast loading. Also you want to jump into live multiplayer games before the rest of the lobby, that’s why you need an SSD.

With a 4.5 star rating, this is a good laptop and it also has a dual display. The dual display is interesting and the trackpad is on the right for gaming. The keyboard is also RGB LED backlit which is a nice touch to a gaming laptop.

The touchscreen is on the bottom LED panel and can be used with a pen.

MSI Creator 15

The MSI Creator 15 is a nice looking touchscreen laptop and MSI don’t make many touchscreen laptops but they do make some good gaming ones. The specs are not too bad, it has an Intel Core i7-10875H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD and a RTX 2060 6GB which is more than enough for gaming.

MSI makes some quality gaming laptops and this one is also affordable. It comes in space grey and has some pretty thin bezels. You can also get a higher resolution model that doesn’t have touchscreen.

The touchscreen is a glossy type screen and overall it has a sturdy feel. The laptop can process video editing very well and the keyboard is very large which can be a positive or negative depending on your hand size.

Overall it’s not a bad product to add to this list, there are not many gaming laptops around, especially from MSI.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

The Razer blade stealth 13 comes with a super smooth and all new OLED touch display which is 4k touchscreen. You can also get the Razer blade stealth 15 in 4k touchscreen.

The laptop has some great specs in a Intel Quad Core i7-1065G7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q, 16GB RAM and even a 512GB SSD. The SSD is a great addition because we already explained how important it can be for playing games.

The laptop has amazing aesthetics and it’s also very cheap compared to other brands like alienware with the same specs. It’s got Razer’s classic keyboard layout and font with RGB LED backlighting and thin keys. The bezels on the screen are thin which makes it really nice for touchscreen.

Although it’s a touchscreen, it’s only a 60hz so keep that in mind if you come from 120hz or 144hz because it may take a while for your eyes to adjust and it will look choppy at first.

Dell XPS 15

Another XPS on this list is the Dell XPS 15 with 4k UHD touchscreen and some great gaming specs. It’s got a Core i7-8750H, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and a NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti which is some mid tier gaming components but pretty good for the price nonetheless.

The 1TB SSD is very nice to see.

Other features include Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint Reader and Windows 10 preinstalled. The display is a 15.6 inch wide display with thin bezels and Dell’s classic looking chassis. It comes in a a silver colorway too.

Coming in at not a bad price, this laptop can be looked at as the little brother of the Dell XPS 17 9710 which has better specs.

There are some critiques on the battery unfortunately.

ASUS VivoBook Pro

The ASUS VivoBook Pro is the perfect budget option for a gaming laptop with touchscreen. It’s got some low specs but good enough for the price point. The specs are 11th Gen Intel i5-1135G7 (> i7-1065G7), Intel Iris Xe, Backlit, 20GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB PCIE SSD.

It comes with a Fingerprint, W/ stylus and Windows 10 Home. The colorway is gray with Asus’ logo printed on the back of the chassis. The case weighs a bit heavier even though it’s got low specs, it weighs nearly 4 pounds.

The intel integrated graphics are some of the better integrated graphics on the market but they will still not be good enough to run AAA games. Even though you have the i5 or i7, the GPU being non existent is going to be a problem for FPS.

Dell Gaming Laptop

Here’s another budget touchscreen gaming laptop. It’s a 15.6 inch 4k touchscreen laptop with some better specs than the previous laptop. I would actually go for this one over the ASUS VivoBook Pro by spending a couple hundred dollars more.

It’s got an Intel i7-6700HQ CPU 16GB RAM 1T HDD+128GB SSD and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M. These are mid tier components good enough to run some free multiplayer games on medium settings with some decent FPS.

I wouldn’t say this is the prettiest laptop, it’s got some thicc bezels and the overall build is pretty chunky rather than sleek. It’s also heavy as it weighs 5 pounds and we all know how annoying it can be to carry a heavy laptop around all day.

HP Envy 17t

HP’s Envy 17t is a decent laptop, it has really good aesthetics and some quality components. You get a 10th Gen Intel i7-10510U with a NVIDIA GeForce MX250 4GB GDDR5.

The chassis is made from aluminum and has a silver coating which looks very good. The bezels are very small and the laptop is very slim. The display has 17.3 inch huge display with 1080p touch. It’s got maximum performance with it’s MX250 graphics.

This model does not have a fingerprint reader but it has an optical drive and decent touch screen responsiveness. The chassis is super heavy at 6.14 pounds which is a bit over the top.

ASUS ZenBook Flip

The ASUS ZenBook Flip is an awesome touchscreen gaming laptop that is thin and able to flip into tent mode for entertainment use. It’s got an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U, 16GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD and GeForce MX150.

These specs can get you a little bit of the way when gaming, but they won’t be outstanding in terms of performance when playing the top AAA games that will release next year.

With a 14 inch display it’s a decently sized laptop for a touchscreen. The aesthetic is a space grey look with a chrome looking shiny back case and the corners are all rounded.

You may find this laptop is a performance boost to other budget laptops.

Lenovo Flex 5

The Lenovo Flex 5 is a very cheap laptop that is touchscreen and able to run some games. Keep in mind this is low end laptop so you won’t be playing the best AAA games but you can still play some free games or low end games.

The laptop is from lenovo and you can expect superb build quality. It also has 18,000 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon which attests to this product’s quality.

Not many laptops on amazon have this many reviews so this is one of those popular laptops which are very good overall.

The specs are an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB RAM, 256GB Storage and AMD Radeon Graphics. You get a digital pen and Windows 10 included. It’s a 14 inch display which is quite small but it’s also decently weighted at 3.63lbs.

Lenovo Flex 5i

Similar to the last laptop, the Lenovo Flex 5i is super cheap and also positively reviewed on amazon. It’s one of the cheapest budget laptops for touchscreen gaming. It’s got a 13.3 inch display in 1080p FHD.

You get some low specs which are Intel Core i3-1115G4, 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage and Intel UHD Graphics, but you get what you pay for. This laptop on sale is dirt cheap adn very affordable.

The build quality is from lenovo so you can count on durability. Coming in at 3lbs, this is a laptop on the smaller end and it’s also a chromebook.

Since it’s a chromebook I would think this is one of the least powered laptops in terms of gaming performance which is why it is last on this list.

The Verdict

The final verdict is that these three laptops are our top picks for the Best Gaming Laptops With Touchscreen. We chose one for budget, one for value and one for premium.

There are some great budget laptops on this list as well as high powered gaming laptops which will destoy any AAA games. Choose which laptop suits your demands and budget.

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