Are Toshiba Laptops Good?

Are Toshiba Laptops Good

We all know that Toshiba recently stopped making laptops but are Toshiba laptops good? If they stopped making them, then what was the problem with their laptops?

Toshiba laptops were not very popular and they are not the best choice among all the other laptop manufacturer’s out there.

They have a lot of bloatware, bad warranty and customer support. Toshiba has since then stopped making laptops and shifted to focus on other business.

What Is Good Or Bad About Toshiba Laptops?

Some people have had good experiences with Toshiba laptops however, a lot of people still don’t like them because they do not offer as much as HP or Dell. It can be a good option if you need a budget laptop which is durable.

Build Quality

The build quality is quite poor on Toshiba laptops, they were never known for having outstanding build quality like Lenovo. Most of these laptops are bulky and do not have any outstanding design features.


Much like Asus, there is a lot of bloatware when you launch a Toshiba laptop. Bloatware is any manufacturer software which came with the laptop at factory settings.

Bloatware is a bunch of unecessary software and programs installed by the manufacturer that you do not need. Bloatware can slow down your laptop and become unreasonable.


The hardware in Toshiba laptops have not been too amazing, some people are big Toshiba fans and stand behind the components and build. However, a lot of users mention hardware in their reviews, the overall sentiment is that the hardware is average.


You get some pretty bad warranty and repair options with Toshiba laptops. Do not expect outstanding ucsomter support either. Much like Asus people have complained about warranty terms and customer support.

They used to charge you for any repair including shipping even under warranty.


Toshiba do not make laptops anymore, they do sell them infact. Do not expect high quality laptops from a brand that has given up on manufacturing them. You could possibly find some good durable models but there are much better alternatives out there.

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