Alienware x14 Vs Alienware x15: Which Is Better?

Alienware x14 Vs Alienware x15

Are you trying to find out which is better out of the Alienware x14 Vs Alienware x15?

Well look no further as we have you covered in this article.

The short answer is the Alienware X15, here’s why.

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Alienware x14

The Alienware x14 is a quality laptop, it has an Intel core i7, 32G of Ram, 1TB storage and a RTX 3060. These are some pretty good specs for a laptop in this price range.

The price is pretty good for an Alienware laptop because usually Alienware charges a lot more just for their branding, but because it’s an older model you can get away with a cheaper price.

Now the display has a 14″ FHD 144Hz which is not too bad. It’s a 1080p display and the size is pretty standard, however the 144hz is a really big bonus here because that is really good for gaming.

Alienware x15

Now the Alienware X16 comes with a CPU that is upgradable to an intel core i9 and an RTX 3080 GPU. It also has a 1TB SSD which is insane. Having an SSD on a laptop is super important for loading games fast.

The components are top of the line and can handle any game you throw at it. The price for this model is going to be significantly more than the X14 because of the performance you get.

Now hte display is a 15.6 inch 360Hz FHD which is much larger than the X14 and also double the refresh rate which is insane.

The Verdict

The Alienware X15 is significantly better than the X14 in terms of performance and display, it also has a much more aesthetic looking build and better cooling.

The winner: Alienware X15

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