10 Creative Ways To Fix A Broken Laptop Hinge

how to fix a laptop hinge

The laptop hinge is probably the most important mechanical part of a laptop when it comes to build quality. If this crucial part of your machine is broken, then you can’t open, close or use your laptop properly. Luckily I have found 10 creative ways to fix a laptop hinge yourself without taking it to the repair shop!

Laptops are meant to be portable, and without a laptop hinge which is fully intact, you will struggle to take it anywhere. On certain models, a broken hinge can actually stop the keyboard or monitor from functioning correctly. They usually wear down overtime from frequent opening and closing of the lid.

Please note that you should always check your warranty first to make sure that you do not do anything in this article which could void your warranty. Follow these steps at your own discretion.

How To Keep Your Laptop Hinges In Excellent Condition

Always close your laptop with two fingers placed at the center towards the top of the lid. This ensures you are producing equal force on both hinges which prevents wear and tear.

When opening the laptop, make sure to open with one finger placed int he same central position of the lid and one thumb placed below it near the track pad.

Opening and closing the laptop with this method will keep your hinges in pristine condition.

1. The Binder Clip Method:

Materials: Large binder clips.

Procedure: Attach the binder clips to the broken hinge area, using the metal arms to hold the screen in place. This is a temporary fix but can be surprisingly sturdy for short-term use. You may need to remove them in order to close the laptop again.

2. Using Epoxy Resin

Materials: Two-part epoxy resin.

Procedure: Mix the epoxy resin according to the instructions and apply it to the broken hinge area. Hold the hinge in place until the epoxy sets. This provides a strong bond, but ensure you don’t accidentally glue other parts together.

3. Wire Method

Materials: Sturdy wire, pliers.

Procedure: Wrap the wire around the broken hinge tightly, ensuring the screen stays in the desired position. This can be a semi-permanent solution if done neatly.

4. 3D Printed Hinge:

Materials: 3D printer, appropriate filament.

Procedure: Design or download a hinge model compatible with your laptop. 3D print the hinge and replace the broken one. This is a modern solution that offers a custom fit.

5. Zip Ties

Materials: Plastic tie wraps (also known as zip ties or cable ties).

Procedure: Loop the tie wraps around the laptop’s base and screen, ensuring they pass over the hinge area. Tighten them to hold the screen in place. This method can provide a secure hold, especially if you use multiple tie wraps. However, it’s essential to be cautious not to over-tighten and cause additional damage.

6. Duct Tape

duct tape

Materials: Duct tape (available in various colors and patterns).

Procedure: While it might sound rudimentary, a neatly applied duct tape can provide a temporary hold. For added flair, choose a decorative duct tape. Fold the tape so it doesn’t remain sticky on the outside.

7. Metal Plate Reinforcement:

Materials: Thin metal plate, screws.

Procedure: Attach a metal plate across the broken hinge to reinforce it. This can be a permanent solution if done correctly.

8. Rubber Bands:

Materials: Large, sturdy rubber bands.

Procedure: Wrap rubber bands around the laptop to hold the screen in place. This is a temporary solution but can be effective in a pinch.

9. Hinge Brace:

Materials: Small metal or plastic brace, screws.

Procedure: Attach the brace over the broken hinge to hold it in place. This can be a more permanent solution if the brace fits well.

10. DIY Screw Tightening:

Materials: Screwdriver, appropriate screws.

Procedure: Sometimes, the hinge isn’t entirely broken but has merely become loose. In such cases, simply tightening the screws or replacing them can resolve the issue.

How A Laptop Hinge Works

Laptop hinges are what keeps the laptop monitor connected to the body and the keyboard. These hinges get used everytime you close and open your laptop and sometimes they can break.

There are two hinges, one on the left and right side of the laptop screen connected to the body and keyboard. You can quite easily spot these as they look cylindrical.

If a hinge breaks, it’s because the screws have snapped due to the strong force of trying to keep the monitor connected to the keyboard. This is why it’s important to get a laptop with good build quality.

Otherwise you could end up with broken pieces that take a long time to fix yourself or a lot of money to repair.

Symptoms Of A Broken Hinge

Your hinge could break and it makes it harder to open or close your laptop. Maybe it won’t even close. A broken hinge looks like the following:

  • Snapped screws around the hinge
  • One side of the screen is coming off
  • The screen might have visual errors and could flicker or stay black
  • You might see the case is coming apart around the hinge area
  • You might hear creaking or squeeking sounds when opening and closing the lid
  • You might hear cracking in the plastic when trying to move the screen
  • The screen might be stuck and unable to move, and if you apply too much force it could snap the hinge.

You can check if your hinge is loose by opening and closing the laptop and seeing how much force it takes to open the laptop. If the laptop requires little to no force to open the lid then the hinge could be loose.

Sometimes you won’t be able to keep the screen in a perpendicular position to the keyboard and it would wobble back and forth. If this is the case then the hinge is probably loose.

Should You Repair Or Fix Your Hinge?

Repairing your hinge yourself is entirely possible and only recommended if you have no warranty. If you do have warranty then you might be able to get a repair for a low cost or even free depending on how early it broke.

If it broke only a couple months after buying then I suggest sending it in for repair and you may get a repair for free.

If you fix it by yourself then you will need to know how to disassemble your laptop and since each laptop is different you will need to find a youtube tutorial on your specific model.

If your laptop is super old I suggest you fix it yourself instead of spending a few hundred dollars on repairing it. Instead you could just buy a new laptop for the same cost.


The goal of this article was to allow people to repair their own laptop hinge without having to pay for an expensive repair shop to do it for them. Not everyone is able to get their hinge repaired at a shop, they could have run out of warranty or simply need a quick fix.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will now have a functioning hinge which should be strong enough to last temporarily. However, if you want a permanent fix, you may have to take it to a repair shop or re-screw the hinges to the chassis yourself.

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